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Better Times by LilaPudelPony Better Times :iconlilapudelpony:LilaPudelPony 240 30 Solution by doubleWbrothers Solution :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 4,254 668 Starlight's Birthday by Pandramodo Starlight's Birthday :iconpandramodo:Pandramodo 1,012 158 commission - Waiting for inspiration by GashibokA commission - Waiting for inspiration :icongashiboka:GashibokA 237 30 Princess Twilight Silhouette Wall by SambaNeko Princess Twilight Silhouette Wall :iconsambaneko:SambaNeko 2,304 77 Fluttershy by bnob Fluttershy :iconbnob:bnob 3,439 146 Twilight Sparkle by DCPIP Twilight Sparkle :icondcpip:DCPIP 662 69 Another Rainbow Dash by DCPIP Another Rainbow Dash :icondcpip:DCPIP 1,481 140 SnowDrop.... by EquestrianDeviants SnowDrop.... :iconequestriandeviants:EquestrianDeviants 90 20 Never Forget Your Mistakes by r0botosaurus Never Forget Your Mistakes :iconr0botosaurus:r0botosaurus 270 33 Phillippians 4:8 wallpaper by DawnPaladin Phillippians 4:8 wallpaper :icondawnpaladin:DawnPaladin 408 89 I Already Have Wings by Rainbow-Smashed I Already Have Wings :iconrainbow-smashed:Rainbow-Smashed 222 27 MLP FIM: Organized Chaos by mattwilson83 MLP FIM: Organized Chaos :iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 156 41
A Sight for Really Sore Eyes
Sweet Apple Acres was cool this time of year and as usual Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were in a pranking mood. Normally, they would aim for Applejack, but this time they were targeting her older brother Big Macintosh. They had set a surprise for him on a path they knew he would take eventually. The prank was that once he hit a tripwire they had set up a pulled back branch would be released and hit him in the chest. For Pinkie and Rainbow it was set at face level, but Big Mac was taller not to mention that his yoke would protect him so he was not in danger. They only wanted to surprise or scare the quiet stallion. What happened was still a surprise but was not fun.
Fluttershy was walking along Ponyville square when a sudden craving for an apple pastry came over her. She immediately headed to Sugarcube Corner to find Pinkie Pie. The town bakery was alive with happy activity and smelled wonderful to the pegasus who was used to the simple quiet smells of nature. Fluttershy walked to the co
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Start Spreading the News
Fluttershy was sleeping soundly unaware that she was being watched. It had only been a week since her accident that resulted in her accidentally confessing her feelings to Pinkie while she stood outside Fluttershy's bedroom door. As the first rays of sunlight shone through her window waking her, she stretched and smiled warmly as, for the last seven days, her first sight was the same as when those bandages were removed. On her nightstand was a picture frame, and inside it was the note Pinkie Pie had written telling her that she loved her as well. With a smile on her still sleepy face, "I love you, Pinkie." A small squeak escaped her with what she heard next.
"I love you too, Fluttershy." Pinkie smiled as the yellow pegasus spun around, became tangled within the blanket, and tumbled over the side.
Fluttershy was on her back with her hind legs on the bed and looking up to the ceiling. She smiled softly when Pinkie's head looked over the edge.
"Wow Fluttershy, are you testing new ways to
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Interview With a Fillyfooler Part 1
      "Um, can I take the blindfold off now?" Fluttershy was being led down a hall and had no idea where it would lead.
      "Not yet," a cheerful voice said stifling laughter. Pinkie's voice did comfort the shy pony even if she sounded slightly off.
      It was not long before Fluttershy heard a door open, and she was led inside. She heard giggling and asked, "Who's there?"
      "Shh," Pinkie said, "We're almost there."
Fluttershy was stopped and the blindfold was removed.
A collective voice shouted, "Surprise!"
Fluttershy opened her eyes and her joy was quickly replaced with confusion. The room was sloppily decorated. In fact, the room was her home, and it was trashed. There was a large banner that read, "Happy Loser
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